Diakont is a globally-recognized company offering a full range of high-technology products, solutions, and services that enhance the safety and economy of the energy, pipeline, automation, and manufacturing industries. With over 1300 employees, Diakont provides customers with the highest quality and reliability products and services. 

Established : 1990
Quality Management System : ISO 9001:2015, AS9100
Principal Markets : USA, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, Canada
Worldwide Employees : Over 1300









https://www.diakont.com/Energy Services.html

Energy Services

Diakont provides asset integrity management support to pipeline infrastructures, facilities, and storage tanks through comprehensive NDE inspection services

https://www.diakont.com/Nuclear Solutions.html

Nuclear Solutions

Diakont is a leading design and manufacturer of radiation tolerant cameras, robotics and nuclear plant equipment that are utilized worldwide on power plants of all designs

https://www.diakont.com/Motion Control.html

Motion Control

Diakont provides industry-leading electric roller screw actuators with integrated motors to deliver exceptional performance in a compact package