Robotic Reactor Pressure Vessel Inspection and Repair

  • Diakont produces complete systems for reactor pressure vessel (RPV) inspection and in-situ repair
  • Inspections are completed using either visual or laser-holographic testing
  • Entire operations are automated for completion at high speed and with minimal critical path impact
  • RPV repairs are completed through grinding


Laser-Holographic and Visual Testing for Crack Detection
The STS-K-78P is a unique, radiation-resistant television system that provides controlled surface scanning at high speed and measures deviations with metrological-certified accuracy. The system is designed for automated pre-operational and operational control of the base metal, weld coatings, and welds inside PWR, BWR, and VVER reactors. The system meets the visual inspection criteria for VT-1, PNAE G-7-016-RD-89, and EA-0079-2005. STS-K-78P systems have discovered dozens of RPV defects that inspectors determined would not have been detected by other means.


Automated RPV Defect Repair Grinding

The SUDKR System is a precision manipulator for the automated removal of defects inside the surface of the reactor vessel. It comprises the delivery system and intervention manipulator, as well as the visual inspection tool. Once deployed into the vessel from the refueling machine, the manipulator engages telescopic arms that press against the reactor vessel to ensure a secure fit. The grinding device is then manipulated to the defect using precision actuators. Grinding is conducted in 50-micron increments. Integrated radiation-hardened cameras are employed to monitor the operation.

  • High-precision grinding
  • Minimal support personnel requirements
  • Repair is completed with minimal dose exposure
  • Compact and easy deployment
RPV Specimen Sample Removal Manipulator

Diakont radiation-tolerant manipulators are utilized for the removal of irradiated test specimens within the RPV. These test specimens are housed within containers that are welded to the inner diameter (ID) surface of the reactor. To retrieve them, it is necessary to perform precision cuts of these welds. Unlike previous, now-obsolete solutions, Diakont’s new manipulator implements technology that eliminates the ingress of welding slag and other foreign materials into the RPV, eliminating the requirement to conduct extra FOSAR operations at the bottom of the RPV. The Diakont manipulator is equipped with a best-in-class D40 radiation-tolerant camera, which provides reliable monitoring of underwater operations in very high-radiation work areas.