Product Spotlight

D40 Camera System

“We attached the D40 to poles and were maybe 5 to 10 feet from fuel. We used it for serial number identification and we had a drop light on in the core with the D40’s ring light. It was very easy to read the numbers. The D40 is an excellent camera for this application.” - Reactor Engineering Supervisor.” US Nuclear Plant Reactor Engineering Supervisor

Powerful Inspection Tool

The D40 offers the perfect mix of high resolution, small size, and high radiation tolerance. Due to its compact diameter of just 1.58”, the camera is perfectly suited for inspection of confined areas and in reactor components. Its modular design and range of attachments makes it the ideal “utility camera”, in which a single camera system can be reconfigured to support all types of plant operations and maintenance. This flexibility offers users the highest level of economy, and best value for their investment. The D40 is also offered as an integrated system solution, complete with camera, processing system and user interface.

  • 200 MegaRad radiation tolerance
  • Solid state design
  • 600+ TVL video resolution, easily meets VT-1 and EVT-1
  • Compact 1.58” diameter form factor
  • Wide range of view heads for various applications
  • Designed for maintainability – “plug and play” factory tuned replacement tube

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