Case Studies

Case Studies

Restored RBMK-1000 Reactor Brought Back Online Following Completion of Complex Robotic Repair Operation


St. Petersburg, Russia – Diakont, a leading nuclear industry high-tech solutions provider, recently completed a major repair of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.  The 925 MWe reactor had been offline since May 2012 because of problems related to deformations in the graphite blocks within the core that comprise its moderator.

To complete this project, Diakont created a complex system of unique robotics to survey and then repair the reactor’s damaged internal... ... Read more >>

Diakont and Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Complete First Buried Piping In-Line Inspection at a US Nuclear Power Plant


San Diego, California – Diakont, along with strategic partner Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., recently completed the group’s first buried piping in-line inspection project at a US nuclear plant. The inspection was performed in October 2012 on an 18” High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) line at Cooper Nuclear Station. Utilizing a crawler tool equipped with Diakont’s patented Electro-Magnetic Acoustic... ... Read more >>

In-Situ Robotic Graphite Moderator Block Repair


Diakont has successfully conducted a program of development, qualification, and field operation of specialized robotic tooling which inspected and repaired the graphite moderator blocks and fuel channels of the RBMK-1000 reactor Units 1 and 2 at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Cracking and deformation had occurred in these blocks, resulting in deformation of the fuel channels. Remediation was required for continued safe reactor operation and for facility license extension. The output of... ... Read more >>

Increasing Plant Reliability and Efficiency with Advanced Turbine Controls


In 2007 Diakont was contracted to upgrade legacy steam turbine mechanical-hydraulic control systems (HCS) with Electro-Hydraulic Turbine Control Systems (EHCS) at several European nuclear power plants.  As part of the contract, the utility set forth six goals for the upgrades:

  • Increase plant electrical power output without increasing reactor thermal rating
  • Eliminate need for mechanical tuning
  • Decrease turbine bearing wear resulting from... ... Read more >>

Reducing Dose and Saving Time with Robotic Cavity Decon


As seen in the September-October 2017 issue of the Nuclear Plant Journal

By Mike Olmstead, FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company

BWR and PWR nuclear plant operators effectively reduce personnel dose by decontaminating the surfaces of the refueling cavity, dryer and separator pools, and components within these spaces.  Plant operators have employed several methods to handle... ... Read more >>

Robotic In-Line Inspection of Inaccessible Auxiliary Service Water Lines North Anna Power Station


A team from Dominion Energy’s North Anna Power Station used Diakont’s robotic in-line inspection system (RODIS) crawlers to visually and volumetrically inspect auxiliary service water piping. These two lines provide an auxiliary feed from Lake Anna to the plant’s Service Water Reservoir.  Portions of these lines were replaced in 1995, and the new 22” lines were sleeved through the two remaining 24” lines; therefore, excavation and visual inspection was... ... Read more >>

Increasing Efficiency and Safety with Diakont Refueling Machines and In-Mast Sipping Systems


Diakont’s innovative refueling machines increase safety and performance of nuclear power plant operations.  Since 2002, Diakont successfully delivered 35 upgraded refueling machine systems to nuclear power plants worldwide.  The upgraded systems incorporate various automated features to handle simultaneous movements for reduced reloading time.  Diakont’s new generation of refueling machines deliver on several operational objectives:

Online Tank Inspection A Reality


HTML tutorial

Scheduling a storage tank outage to comply with regulations and industry standards can be inconvenient, especially when trying to align inspection schedules... ... Read more >>