Proton 3.0 Camera System

Ideally suited for virtually all nuclear plant underwater activities, the Proton 3 HD PTZ is quickly becoming the handiest camera system on the refuel floor. Compared with other solutions in its rad-tolerance class, the Diakont Proton 3 system provides superior HD color resolution, at an economical price. Backed by Diakont's well-known customer service and support, this reliable, economical system can become your newest set of do-anything remote eyes underwater. 




  • 4.5x105 Rads radiation tolerance
  • Full color HD (1080p)
  • 10x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom with auto focus
  • Underwater laser size measurement
  • Robust pan & tilt drives
  • Rugged umbilical cal
  • Portable controller configuration
  • LAN streaming
  • Monitor reactor assembly/disassembly and remote tool operations
  • Core alignment and fuel serial number verification
  • BWR In-vessel visual inspections
  • Baffle bolt inspections and other PWR MRP exams
  • FOSAR support
  • Storage canister loading
  • Decommissioning
Following in the footsteps of previous Diakont products, the Proton 3 keeps user needs and expectations in mind. Its 10x optical zoom and autofocus make usage simple for operators. The underwater camera can be deployed either via the umbilical cable, or with handling poles. The portable control unit includes a monitor and HD recording to portable media, and can be easily lifted and carried by hand. It also offers text overlay, laser measurement, and LAN streaming.