Proton 3.0 Camera System

  • 4.5x105 Rad radiation tolerance
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • 10x Optical zoom
  • Laser measuring system
  • Robust pan & tilt drive
  • Portable configuration

Proton 3.0 Factsheet

Inspection & Monitoring Applications
The Diakont Proton 3.0 camera system is the next evolution in refueling and decommissioning support camera systems. Simply deploy and instantly have high-resolution video to support your operations.
With its powerful 10x zoom, state-of-the-art CMOS full HD color sensor, laser measuring device, pan & tilt unit, and powerful LEDs: it is an extremely useful tool for use in the refueling cavity, reactor vessel, or elsewhere in high radiation fields.
The Proton 3.0 is fabricated from rugged, easily-decontaminated anodized aluminum and the straightforward refurbishment process makes for a minimal cost of ownership. The system’s control unit is portable to reduce the deployment time, facilitate transportation, and increase convenience of use, while the load-carrying cable eliminates the need for poles or robotics to deploy the camera.
  • Monitor reactor assembly/disassembly
  • Monitor tool deployment and operation
  • Fuel serial number verification (high-speed “core mapping”)
  • Inspection of reactor internals and steam dryer OD
  • Monitor cask loading activities
Portable Control Unit with PTZ Functions


The portable control unit provides the following operator functions: video imaging, recording of video and audio, layout of operator comments, actual readings of feedback sensors, and remote control of all PTZ functions. The integrated pan & tilt unit provides full panoramic view due to continuous rotation (±360°) and tilt (from - 45° to +225°). The 10x optical zoom lens provides high resolution imagery, even from long distances.