HD Utility Camera

  • Mid-range radiation tolerance
  • High-resolution color HD video
  • 20x Optical zoom
  • Lightweight and compact

HD Utility Camera Factsheet

High Performance and Ruggedness in a Compact Package
Diakont’s HD utility camera system is the next evolution in refueling utility cameras. With its powerful 20x zoom and a state of the art CMOS HD sensor, Diakont’s HD utility camera provides a high-quality video image in mid-range radiation environments to support plant operations. The HD camera is fabricated from durable, easily-decontaminated stainless steel and is of a modular design for ease of reconfiguration and maintenance
HD Utility Camera Applications
  • Monitor reactor assembly/disassembly
  • Monitor tool deployment and operation
  • Fuel serial number verification (high-speed “core mapping”)
  • Inspection of reactor internals
  • Monitor cask loading activities