D40 Pan & Tilt Camera System with Auxiliary Lighting

  • Unrivaled clarity – High-rad, precision imaging to perform critical inspections including core verification and gap analysis
  • Proven technology – Based on Diakont’s D40 radtolerant camera systems
  • Dimmable lighting – Integrated high-intensity lights are positioned laterally to provide even lighting and maximize image quality
  • Simplified operation – Easy, pole-mounted deployment
  • Versatile functionality – Pan, tilt, and zoom functionality

D40 Pan & Tilt Factsheet

Rugged, High-Precision Technology in a Compact Package
Based on our industry-leading D40 radiation-tolerant camera technology, this tool allows for inspections to take place at a much closer proximity to the sources of radiation. Especially beneficial during core verifications, the close proximity capability reduces the impact of thermal distortions and particulates in the water, and results in significantly clearer video of serial numbers. A rugged pan and tilt module and integrated lighting allows for viewing fuel assemblies without the need to reposition the refueling bridge.
  • Monitor reactor assembly/disassembly
  • Monitor tool deployment and operation
  • Fuel serial number verification (high-speed “core mapping”)
  • Inspection of reactor internals and steam dryer OD
  • Monitor cask loading activities
Optional Integrated Console
The D40 Pan & Tilt Camera System with Auxilary Lighting is available with an optional Integrated Console. This console houses the system controls within a shock resistant rackmount case on wheels, and includes a tiltable LCD monitor with integrated speakers*, a microphone, and a DVR system to support recording (both video and audio) and viewing functions with local playback. Video recordings can be played on the monitor and can also be backed up to USB or DVD storage.