Over 25 Years of Experience Dedicated to Nuclear Innovation

Diakont is a globally recognized leader in supplying high-technology products and services that enhance the safety and economy of the nuclear power industry. Leveraging decades of experience and engineering expertise, Diakont is proud to partner with nuclear utilities, plant personnel, and service providers around the world to deliver advanced solutions and services that meet or exceed both operations and ALARA program goals and reduce downtime during scheduled outages.

From supplying the gold standard in radiation-hardened cameras, CCTV systems, and upgraded plant systems, to providing innovative services for remote robotic inspection, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and decontamination of reactor components, cavities, and vessels, Diakont continues to lead the way in the research, development, and deployment of trusted nuclear solutions worldwide.


Key Products and Services Provided :
  • Nuclear Cameras
  • Rad-Tolerant CCTV Systems 
  • Mods and Repairs to Support Life Extension
  • Buried Piping In-line Inspection 
  • Tank Inspection 
  • Robotic Cavity Cleaning and Decontamination Services
  • Reactor O-Ring Seal Inspection and Cleaning
  • Robotic Reactor Inspection
  • And More...
Reactor Types Serviced :
  • PWR:  U.S. and international Gen II Plants, AP1000, EPR, CAP1000, CPR-1000, VVER, KLT-40S (afloat), and others
  • BWR
  • PHWR
  • AGR
  • RBMK
  • Research reactors and facilities
Global Installations : Over 30 countries and expanding
Quality Management System  : ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 certified