Specialty Actuators

Custom Solutions

Drawing on decades of experience providing innovative and cost-saving high-tech solutions to the energy, automotive, aviation, and manufacturing industries, Diakont electric servo actuators marry industry-leading quality, accuracy, and reliability with best-in-class service lifetime. Diakont servo actuators incorporate progressive technology, including precisely machined roller screws and high-force permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). These components are integrated into a single unit, thus providing exceptional performance in a compact footprint.


Tailored-to-Fit Motion Control Solutions

Diakont offers a broad range of standard actuators to suit most requirements. However, we also realize that unique application parameters often dictate specialized actuator configurations and modifications. Diakont actuators are designed with this in mind, as many of Diakont's products can be readily customized to suit customers’ unique requirements. Furthermore, Diakont utilizes a diverse development team comprised of mechanical, electrical, and application design engineers who handle every aspect of the development process from design to prototype, test, and manufacture.


A Passion for Innovation

Diakont is an industry leader in the design and development of electromechanical actuators and subassemblies. To this end, we have created specialized, computer-aided design software to perform calculations and model roller screws and synchronous motors. This advanced in-house software helps Diakont's development teams design actuators to exact specifications of power, accuracy, and space constraints, allowing Diakont to create custom motion control systems tailored to your specific application.

Diakont is typically approached by new and existing customers to design custom actuation systems for a variety of applications, including:


Steam Turbine Process Control
  • Electric servo actuator rated specification: force – 1,300 lbf; speed – 22 in/sec
  • Electric servo actuator advantages: dual-redundant high-precision (0.0004″) roller screw servo actuator with two synchronous motors
  • Diakont is the leading servo actuator control systems supplier for high power channel-type nuclear reactors


Gas Turbine Process Control
Application: gas turbine control systems (inlet guide vane)
  • Servo actuator rated specifications: force – 3,370 LBF; speed – 1 in/sec
  • Servo actuator advantages: explosion-proof and vibration-proof roller screw servo actuator (up to 10g; 2,000 Hz)


Space Launch Components
Application: fuel system valve control
  • Servo actuator rated specifications: force – 340 lbf
  • Servo actuator advantages: high-vibration-proof servo actuator (up to 100g), compact and light (3.7 lb)


Marine Vessels
Application: transport turbine systems and piping valves control
  • Dual-redundant linear servo actuator with roller-screw: force – 1,300 lbf; speed – 7.8 in/sec
  • High-force linear servo actuator with roller screw and cycloidal gear inside: force – 30,350 lbf; speed – 0.4 in/sec


Aviation Control
Application: aircraft thrust reverse regulation (project in process)
  • Servo actuator rated specifications: force – 1,300 lbf; speed – 7.8 in/sec
  • Servo actuator advantages: high-vibration-proof servo actuator (in accordance with aviation requirements), lightweight (24 lb), temperature-proof (-130F up to +175F)




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