Aircraft Doors Actuation

The aviation industry depends on safe, reliable motion control solutions for a variety of aircraft functions, from flight control to landing gear and more. Diakont is proud to supply quality, lightweight electric servo actuators that are ideal for a number of aircraft applications, such as thrust reverse control and gear and access door actuation. Please see the tabs below for more information.



Featuring remarkably lightweight electric servo actuators, this robust system has a minimum of two identical electromechanical channels and a control unit that provides synchronized movement for aircraft thrust.


Customized Solutions

Diakont specializes in tailoring existing electric servo actuator designs to deliver customized solutions to meet specific applications. Contact a Diakont representative to learn more about Diakont’s best-in-class service lifetime solutions.







A Longer-Life and Lightweight Solution

Diakont’s landing gear and access doors actuation system is comprised of a dual-redundant, closed looped kinematic chain that utilizes roller screw gears. This configuration ensures the system is able to withstand single failures if the situation were ever to arise. Each roller screw gear is installed on a shaft connected to a dual-redundant motor. Multiple roller screws are used to evenly distribute motor torque throughout the physical system. Utilizing this fully electric design, aircraft dynamics are optimized due to decreased system weight, increased safety features, and minimal maintenance.