Robotic Joining

Heavy duty actuators with reduced weight for robotic joining - Forces up to 85,000 N (19,109 lbf)

Diakont’s industry-leading electric roller screw actuators are ideally suited to provide the high forces required to quickly and consistently form a strong joint in robotic clinching, riveting, fastening, and other joining processes.  Incorporating progressive technology that combines precisely machined roller screws and high capacity permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) into a single unit, Diakont’s electric roller screw product line delivers exceptional performance in a compact package.


Best-in-Class Lifetime

All Diakont actuators are designed, manufactured, and tested to stringent requirements to satisfy and exceed industry service lifetime standards. Today’s automotive industry demands welding solutions capable of performing at peak condition for many years without any downtime or required maintenance. Diakont actuators dedicated to clinching/riveting are designed to withstand a minimum of 10,000,000 hard pressing cycles at forces up to 85 kN (19,109 lbf). This results in a significantly longer service lifetime (up to several times longer) than other commonly used solutions.

Small Form Factor

Diakont actuators are smaller than competitor solutions offering the same performance. Conventional joining actuators use parallel designs that are bulky and not accessible in narrow areas, where Diakont actuators have an integrated motor and roller screw allowing them to maintain the smallest footprint possible.  Diakont actuators’ start at a length of just 413mm (16”), up to two times shorter when compared to competing actuators. For customers demanding thin designs, Diakont offers integrated motor designed actuators with narrow frames of just 67x67 mm (2.6”x2.6”) and 99x99 mm (3.9”x3.9”).

Minimal Maintenance Required

Many actuators used in clinching/riveting processes require relubrication and other maintenance requirements regularly, resulting in manufacturing downtime. However, Diakont robotic clinching/riveting actuators only require relubrication every 5 million press cycles lifetime of the actuator.

Optional Load Sensor

For joining operations that require high-force repeatability, Diakont offers a load sensor option, which ensures force stability of better than 1%.


Robotic Joining Actuator Product Line


Peak force

Max. velocity

Min. stroke

Thread lead

Dynamic load rating




85,000 N
(19,109 lbf)

320 mm/sec
(12.6 in/sec)

240 mm

5 mm

194,000 N
(43,613 lbf)

Ø130x478 mm

34.5 kg
(76.1 lb)


60,000 N
(13,489 lbf)

100 mm/sec
(3.9 in/sec)

220 mm

2.5 mm

114,000 N
(25,628 lbf)

140x140x414 mm

27.5 kg
(60.6 lb)


44,600 N
(10,027 lbf)

200 mm/sec
(7.9 in/sec)

220 mm

5 mm

98,000 N
(22,031 lbf)

140x140x429.5 mm

30.5 kg
(67.2 lb)

Application Expertise

Diakont has a complete product line of specialty actuators designed for robotic clinching and riveting. Further, Diakont’s team of design engineers specializes in tailoring existing products to meet specific application requirements. Contact a Diakont representative to learn how to increase clinching and riveting performance with Diakont electric roller screw actuators.