Service Spotlight

An Innovative Approach to In-line Inspections

Diakont has developed a fleet of in-line inspection robots, called RODIS crawlers, to support the asset integrity of gas and liquid pipelines by detecting and measuring internal and external metal loss, corrosion, and various other anomalies. Not only is this collected data highly precise, but it can be observed in real time while the inspection is taking place, providing immediate access to crucial information that utilities and pipeline operators require to facilitate integrity management programs and meet federal pipeline safety standards (49 CFR Part 192 and 195). From a single access point, our crawlers can be launched and retrieved to inspect up to 1,800 feet of pipe. Diakont’s fleet of robotic ILI tools can accommodate pipelines ranging from 8” to 55” in diameter.

Common Inspection Applications

  • Insulated or lined pipes
  • Road or river crossings
  • Offshore pipelines
  • Upstream gathering systems
  • Buried or cased refinery piping
  • Municipal steam or water pipe
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Survey of lines with missing or suspect documentation

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