Proactive Partnerships Keep Pipelines in Top Shape

Proactive Partnerships Keep Pipelines in Top Shape

Diakont has partnered with the San Diego County Water Authority to complete inspection projects in 2019 and 2020 that will verify the integrity of critical pipelines in Valley Center, CA that comprise part of the aqueduct system that supplies water to San Diego. Diakont’s pipeline inspection team deployed 2 robotic ILI tools that use high-resolution laser profilometry and ultrasonic (EMAT-UT) technologies to identify and measure any corrosion on the 70-year old pipelines.

For more than 20 years, the San Diego County Water Authority has been developing innovative ways to maintain major water infrastructure worth billions of dollars.

Establishing unique partnerships with leading technology providers, such as Diakont, has ensured the best available tools are used in the most cost-effective ways. And, the strategic partnerships allow operations and maintenance teams to extend the lifespan of pipes as well as prevent failures.

In addition to extending pipeline lifespan, Diakont’s pipeline inspection services are part of a proactive maintenance and repair process by reliably detecting pipeline anomalies and alerting staff to where potential problems may arise. As the tool travels through pipes, data is collected, downloaded and analyzed by Diakont’s expert inspection technicians. Then specific areas where repairs may be needed are identified. Without accurate data, staff would not be able to identify potential issues within the pipes, which could lead to disrupted service and inflated costs.

About Robotic In-Line Inspection Services

Diakont has developed a fleet of in-line inspection robots, called RODIS crawlers, to support the asset integrity of gas and liquid pipelines by detecting and measuring internal and external metal loss, corrosion, and various other anomalies. Not only is this collected data highly precise, but it can be observed in real time while the inspection is taking place, providing immediate access to crucial information that utilities and pipeline operators require to facilitate integrity management programs and meet federal pipeline safety standards (49 CFR Part 192 and 195). From a single access point, our crawlers can be launched and retrieved to inspect up to 1,800 feet of pipe. Diakont’s fleet of robotic ILI tools can accommodate pipelines ranging from 8” to 55” in diameter.

Our expert team of project managers, ILI engineers, and NDE technicians will guide you through the entire inspection process, meeting or exceeding your schedule requirements. Following each inspection, Diakont delivers a complete pipeline features list, including absolute thickness measurements, weld locations, weld defects, pipewall anomalies, and information about all fittings. The Diakont inspection group will support your pipeline and girth weld inspection needs, from pipeline cleaning, excavation, spool removal, verification digs, and more. Learn More

About Diakont

Diakont is a global technology company with a technical center based in San Diego, CA. The company’s mission is to provide high-tech solutions that enhance the safety and economy of the most demanding industries. Diakont currently has a global workforce of over 1,300 highly-skilled professionals whose work supports the oil and gas, energy generation, and manufacturing industries.