Diakont Presented at PPIM: NDE Tooling Developed to Inspect Deep Well Booster Pumps Without Excavation

Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference (PPIM), Houston, TX (2017, March)

Jonathan Minder, Integrity Solutions Engineer for Diakont, presented a case study on NDE tooling development to inspect deep well booster pumps without excavation at the 2017 PPIM.   A major North American pipeline operator approached Diakont to develop a robotic solution capable of inspecting deep well booster pumps without removing them from the concrete.  The robotic solution uses electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) and laser profilometry to provide comprehensive data for both the vertical well barrel and the horizontal flat cap at the bottom of the well.  

Diakont leveraged proven NDE technology and modified the delivery robotics to accommodate the deep well booster pump geometries.  The resulting solution successfully inspected the operator’s booster pumps and verified the integrity without requiring excavation, saving the operator time, money and reducing risk of damaging equipment.  Click here to view the full case study on the tooling development.