Diakont Presented Online Storage Tank Floor Inspection Robotics the API Inspection Summit

API Inspection Summit 2017, Galveston, TX (2017, February)

Jonathan Minder, Integrity Solutions Engineer for Diakont, presented online storage tank floor inspection robotics at the 2017 API Inspection Summit.  Diakont provides comprehensive storage tank floor inspection services using robotic crawlers, which can be safely deployed while the tanks remain filled and operational.  Utilizing a combination of non-destructive examination (NDE) sensors housed within an explosion-proof enclosure, Diakont inspection systems supply complete inspection coverage, actually exceeding API 653 inspection requirements.

Online Tank Floor Inspection System

  • API 653 tank floor inspection service for filled tanks
  • Class 1 Div. 1 certification
  • 100% NDE coverage, including annular ring critical area
  • Motorized brush and water jets for sludge displacement
  • Real-time automated tank floor mapping
  • 3D imaging sonar for obstacle avoidance and umbilical management
  • Anti-static and voltage equalization
  • Fail-safe redundancy and emergency retrieval features

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