Diakont Co-Locates with Pipeline Research Council International to Foster Technology Development Benefitting the Energy Industry

San Diego, California – Industry leader in advanced technology solutions Diakont has joined the U.S.-based Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), a global collective that fosters and supports collaborative energy pipeline research. Established in 1952 as the Pipeline Research Committee of the American Gas Association, the group’s first order of business was finding a solution to the problem of long-running brittle fractures in natural gas transmission pipelines, which—by leveraging expertise and knowledge from an alliance of industry leaders—it accomplished in just two years. Today, PRCI represents a worldwide coalition of 34 pipeline operators and 30 pipeline technology and service providers, along with other pipeline industry member organizations, all working together to promote and further energy pipeline research “that provides safe, reliable, environmentally conscious and efficient means of delivery.”

Diakont’s entry into PRCI seems a natural step, given the company’s successful track record of developing and deploying robotic solutions for a variety of energy industry applications, ranging from crawlers used to inspect “unpiggable” oil and gas pipelines, to remote spot welding repairs inside nuclear reactor vessel components. Diakont’s latest robotic technology solution, the STINGRAY, is a submersible crawler that, for the first time, allows for storage tank floor inspection services without having to take the tank offline prior to and during the inspection.

“Given recent advancements like our STINGRAY service offering, it’s an exciting time in the robotics field,” comments Jonathan Minder, ILI Solutions Engineer at Diakont. “Collectives like PRCI are helping companies like Diakont to not only spread the word to new customers about just how far the technology has come, but where we’re headed next—continuing to improve the safety, efficiency, environmental impact, and efficiency of the pipeline energy industry while generating significant cost savings.”

About Diakont
Diakont is a unique technology company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the pipeline and energy industries. Diakont has its North American headquarters in San Diego, California, and a global workforce of over 1,300 highly skilled employees who support pipeline inspection and asset integrity operations in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, and energy generation industries.