Diakont Announces Opening of Houston Regional Office

Houston, Texas – Diakont, a leading provider of robotic technology solutions and services for oil and gas pipeline and storage tank operators, is proud to announce the opening of its regional office in Houston, Texas. Described as the energy capital of the world, Houston is home to nearly 5,000 industry firms. Specifically, oil and gas companies with a major presence in Houston control 44% of the U.S. oil pipeline capacity and 52% of its natural gas pipeline capacity. With its increased access to this market, Diakont is poised to broaden its reach, deepen existing customer relationships, and continue to introduce pipeline and storage tank operators to its unique and growing fleet of advanced robotic in-line inspection, maintenance, and repair tools and services.

The opening of the Houston regional office follows Diakont’s successful, decade-long track record of developing and deploying robotic crawler solutions for a variety of energy industry applications, ranging from inspecting “unpiggable” oil and gas pipelines, to remote spot welding repairs inside nuclear reactor vessel components. Diakont also recently announced its latest exciting ILI robotic technology solution, the STINGRAY, an advanced submersible crawler that, for the first time, allows for tank floor storage inspection without having to take the tank offline prior to and during the inspection. Like Diakont’s other robotic inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair services, the STINGRAY solution is designed to save pipeline and facilities operators time and money, improving the safety, economy, and operational efficiency of asset integrity management programs.

“The opening of our first North American regional office marks an exciting new era for Diakont’s energy services division,” comments Edward Petit de Mange, Managing Director at Diakont Advanced Technologies from the company’s headquarters in San Diego, CA. “Having boots on the ground in Houston provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate to new customers just how far our robotic technology has come, and what it can do for them—safely, efficiently, and generating significant cost savings.”

About Diakont
Diakont is a unique technology company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the pipeline and energy industries. Diakont has its North American headquarters in San Diego, California, and a global workforce of over 1,300 highly skilled employees who support pipeline inspection and asset integrity operations in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, and energy generation industries.