Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle Developed for Remote Inspection Operations

San Diego, California – Diakont has developed a Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle for use when conducting robotic in-line pipe inspection projects in remote areas. Equipped with 6×6 all-wheel drive, massive off-road tires, and a ruggedized raised chassis, the Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle is designed to access pipelines in harsh terrain areas.

Once the Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle has reached the inspection location, Diakont RODIS robotic in-line inspection tools are deployed on mechanical platforms using an onboard hydraulic long-reach crane. The RODIS crawler tools utilize multiple non-destructive examination (NDE) sensors to obtain highly-accurate pipe integrity data. This data is transmitted via satellite to Diakont offices where it can be reviewed in real-time by Level III NDE technicians.

Designed to support asset inspection schedules with year-round operation, the Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle is also equipped with industrial air-conditioning and diesel heating units. The Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle is typically equipped with two ILI tools systems, for conducting two inspection activities simultaneously; reducing inspection times and reducing out-of-service durations.

“Diakont provides pipeline inspection services that support asset integrity management programs for gas and liquid pipeline operators,” said Edward Petit de Mange, Managing Director of Diakont’s Advanced Technologies Division. “The Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory Vehicle is our latest innovation. It allows our field teams to streamline the ILI activity, significantly reducing demands placed on operator resources, and providing even further cost savings to our customers.”

About Diakont

Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the pipeline and energy industries. With a North American operation in San Diego, California, Diakont is a leading manufacturer of advanced robotics and inspection equipment that ensure the safe operation of pipelines and facilities. Diakont’s comprehensive inspection services have facilitated pipeline integrity management programs for operators worldwide.

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