Diakont Robotic In-Line Inspection Solution Featured on NBC News

Diakont's robotic in-line inspection (ILI) girth weld scanner solution was featured on NBC news. Regarded by PG&E as state of the art technology to improve pipeline safety, Diakont’s robotic ILI crawler allows crews to inspect large transmission lines without costly excavations.




Inspecting girth welds is imperative because more than half of the nation's pipeline infrastructure was established before 1970 when federal regulations mandated that girth welds be radiographed during construction. Operational failures of girth welds have propagated to critical sizes when in the presence of external loads caused by ground movement resulting from landslides, mine subsidence, seismic events, or other geological instability.

The traditional method for inspecting girth welds is to dig at every joint, roughly 40 feet, then use radiography technology to inspect the condition of the girth weld from the outside of the pipe, which takes time and money. Diakont’s solution performs inspection from inside the pipeline, eliminating the need for excavation. Using ultrasonic NDE technology, Diakont’s ILI girth weld scanner evaluates the integrity of the pipe welds and surrounding heat-affected zones looking for defects such as cracks.

PG&E says this technology will expedite thorough daily inspections that the company has been conducting since 2011, meaning more neighborhoods will have their pipelines inspected in a shorter amount of time.

“I can say that this is a significant improvement as far as cost, time and disruption to our customers,” Said Nick Stimmel, PG&E Spokesperson. “Our customers will see the benefit of safer, more reliable service and they’ll also see less disruption to their communities because we’re not digging any ground above the pipe.”

PG&E says there is significant cost savings because the same job that would take a matter of days can be cut down to a matter of hours, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Additional information on the In-Line Girth Weld Scanner solution