Diakont Performed Live Robotic ILI Demonstrations at PRCI Facility

Houston, TX – Diakont performed live robotic ILI demonstrations at the site of the new PRCI facility.  These demonstrations allowed pipeline and facility operators to see first-hand how Diakont’s robotic ILI crawler navigates and operates in “unpiggable” piping.

The tool was hand loaded into a 24” steel pipe and successfully navigated a test pipe with multiple bends and elevation changes.

The demonstration also showed Diakont’s electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) ultrasonic sensors which are used to assess the pipe wall conditions.  Through this process, Diakont technicians detected and characterized metal loss, corrosion, pitting, laminations, cracks, and weld defects.

The attendees were also brought into the technician control center to view inspection interfaces.  Data from inspections is transmitted to technicians in real time allowing Diakont to provide an exact status update at any point during the inspection.

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About Diakont

Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the pipeline and energy industries.  With a North American operation in San Diego, California, Diakont is a leading manufacturer of advanced robotics and inspection equipment that ensure the safe operation of pipelines and facilities.  Diakont’s comprehensive inspection services have facilitated pipeline integrity management programs for operators worldwide.