About Us



Diakont is a globally-recognized company offering a full range of high-technology products, solutions, and services that enhance the safety and economy of the energy, pipeline, automation, and manufacturing industries. With over 1300 employees, Diakont provides customers with the highest quality and reliability products and services. 

Established : 1990
Quality Management System : ISO 9001:2015, AS9100
Principal Markets : USA, France, Germany, Japan, China, Canada
Worldwide Employees : Over 1300

Commitment to Excellence

At Diakont, we are committed to world-class excellence in every aspect of our operations: business decisions and actions, how we develop and provide our products and services, and how we support our employees and customers. We stake our reputation on the excellence of the products and services that we provide to our customers. Diakont will achieve total customer satisfaction by leveraging the needs of its customers with meaningful and value-added activities because we recognize that total customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We believe that being successful in our business is a result of maintaining the highest ethical standards, and building all of our relationships upon mutual respect – for our customers, our employees, our vendors, our community, the law, and the environment.

Diakont recognizes the delicate balance between the industries that it serves, and the sensitive nature of the environment; therefore, we design and deploy our products and services with the sole purpose of maintaining that balance.  We always endeavor to be socially, economically, and ecologically, responsible in our efforts to serve our customers without causing harm to the earth that we all call our home.

Diakont maintains a healthy and balanced workforce by promoting wellness, and good citizenship, amongst its employees and their families. Diakont employs a diverse team of highly-skilled people and values their unique perspectives and contributions that help to make it successful.  We foster an inclusive workplace that is free of violence and harassment, and one that encourages input into a thriving culture made up of people who are passionate about the work that they do for our customers.