Robotic Online Storage Tank Floor Inspection

Diakont Services Eliminate Tank Turnaround Downtime During Inspections

Diakont’s robotic inspection services allow operators to inspect storage tanks (cooling water and fuel oil) without the high costs of having to take them offline.

  • API 653 tank floor inspection service for filled tanks
  • Eliminate unnecessary tank turnarounds
  • Complete coverage analyzed in real time
  • Certified explosion-proof to Class 1, Div 1
  • Facilitate relicensing requirements 

Inspect Tank Floors While Filled and In-Service

Comprehensive storage tank floor inspection services are provided by Diakont using a robotic crawler dubbed the Stingray (patent pending), which can be safely deployed while the tanks remain filled and operational. Utilizing a combination of non-destructive examination (NDE) sensors housed within an explosion-proof enclosure, Stingray inspection systems supply complete inspection coverage, facilitating relicensing requirements and even exceeding API 653 inspection requirements.

Combining the delivery of reliable, real-time results with industry-leading safety management systems, Diakont’s Stingray service tool is equipped with water jets and power scrubbers to clear tank floor sludge and sediment, allowing the onboard magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tool and an array of ultrasonic testing (UT) sensors to capture high-accuracy integrity data. Stingray systems are also equipped with advanced navigation modules that use 3D sonar imaging to map their location within the tank.


Comprehensive Inspection Solution

Diakont’s Stingray service utilizes multiple NDE sensors to assess—in real time—the actual integrity of storage tank floors, including:

  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) – High-resolution sensors for detecting anomalies
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT) – High-accuracy sensors for collecting floor-thickness measurements and sizing anomalies
  • 3D sonar imaging – XYZ scans of tank floor and internals for mapping and navigation

Get the Max Benefit from Your Inspections

Diakont’s expert team of project managers, field robotics engineers, and NDE technicians will guide you through the entire inspection process to fully support your integrity management programs and assist with relicensing activities. Whether your tank floor requires a complete inspection or just a condition assessment to support risk-based turnaround scheduling, Diakont’s inspection teams will ensure that your inspections are conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible.



Online Storage Tank Floor Inspection Services Factsheet