Worldwide Operations

Diakont has a global workforce of 1,300 highly-skilled employees that boast decades of experience. Diakont operates engineering, design and manufacturing offices and facilities in North America, Italy and Russia while maintaining support facilities strategically-located in nine different countries to support customers across the globe. Utilizing this global infrastructure, Diakont provides superior responsiveness and customer service, supporting a broad array of industries worldwide, including manufacturing, oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power operators, and more.


Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

With engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA, Russia and Italy, Diakont’s operations are fully supported by vertically-integrated internal design and manufacturing capabilities. All elements of Diakont’s solutions are designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards, including the nuclear industry’s VT-1, EVT-1, and quantitative probabilistic FMEA parameters. Additionally, every stage of the production cycle, through final factory acceptance testing of the finished products, is performed under the tight parameters of Diakont’s ISO 9001:2008-certified Quality Management System.

  • Fabrication and assembly operations are housed in Diakont’s 275,000 ft2 of manufacturing space
  • Diakont operates a fleet of modern CNC machines, with up to 2-micron precision
  • Complex-geometry parts are fabricated using 5-axis mills and EDM machines
  • Radiation-tolerant optical assemblies are fabricated in Diakont’s clean optical facility
  • Quality verified throughout the manufacturing process using 3-coordinate measuring machines, electro-optical systems, and other specialized equipment