Core Verification Video System

  • Verify serial numbers on nuclear fuel assemblies
  • Identify fuel assembly misalignment
  • Clear imaging in high-rad environments
  • High-intensity integrated lighting
  • Easy, pole-mounted deployment
  • Pan, tilt and zoom functionality

“We attached the D40 to poles and were maybe five to ten feet from fuel.  We used it for serial number identification and we had a drop light on in the core with the D40’s ring light.  It was very easy to read the numbers.  The D40 is an excellent camera for this application.” - U.S. Nuclear Plant Reactor Engineering Supervisor

Core Mapping Solution

Diakont’s Core Verification Video System provides the ideal solution to facilitate fuel assembly examinations and serial number mapping during refueling outages. Based on the industry-leading D40 radiation-tolerant camera, this tool allows for much closer proximity to the fuel, giving significantly clearer video of serial numbers and reducing the impact of thermal distortions and particulates in the water.

The rad-tolerant  Core Verification Video System also contains a rugged pan and tilt module, as well as integrated lighting, allowing for viewing fuel assemblies without the need for repositioning the refueling bridge.


Ease of Deployment and Operation

The  Core Verification Video System is pole-mounted and deploys from the refueling bridge. The rigidity of the pole provides increased stability for maintaining proper positioning above the fuel assemblies.

The system controls can be configured in a rugged, shock mount console or mounted in the existing refueling bridge rack. Each of the system functions can be controlled manually, while the camera iris and focus also support automatic modes. The system control console also provides a monitor and DVR system with viewing and recording functions.



Core Verification Video System Factsheet